Sewkey is a Entrepreneur/Influencer born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

She grew up spending most of her time on the Westside of  LA making friends and spreading influence throughout different LA neighborhoods amongst other upcoming influencers, musicians, and designers.

Sewkey is a free spirited individual who enjoys reading books, painting, smoking weed, and designing different digital concepts from start to finish and completely hands on for not one but her many brands online based.

As a model and influencer Sewkey enjoys creating, it is a true passion. She enjoys connecting with people from all places! She uses her platform to connect, and brand build. She has worked on sets in the lighting department, and had roles as a Actress, has a background in graphic designs, a fashion design major, and currently utilizes internet marketing to help build brands and promote different products.


Spreading positivity through her platform is also something she makes a point of  Law of Attraction is everything, we must treat others as we want to be treated, and enjoy one another while we are here.

Sewkey spends most of her time on the Westside but frequently travels and spends time in her favorite cities Dallas, TX, New York &. Miami. 

Sewkey has recently created a new cannabis venture with Andretti Canna Co. introducing a new cannabis brand "Ramen Strain" 

Cannabis is not only a favorite past time of Sewkey but she is a firm believer in the healing properties of cannabis. She is proud to announce teaming up with one of the premier preveyors in cannabis excellence they've learned to push past boundaries and cultivate a "high-line" strain like nothing at "Top Potency" creating only the cleanest products!


"It is a honor to be able to build and grow within the platform and community as a influencer. It means so much to have your support and attention. Thank you.

I wish nothing but peaceharmonypositivity, love, and happiness to you and yours. I ask that you continue to spread positivity and peace to one another, stay strong and positive through anything that is challenging in your life!

remember, we are what we think!"

- Love OG Sewkey